Trampolines are a great backyard activity that can be fun for children and adults, however, while they are a fun activity they are also the cause of many injuries.  Let’s look at ways to stay safe when using a trampoline so that fun is the only thing you’ll be having.

Children love to jump on trampolines all together, but this greatly increases the risk of injury.  It’s very easy to crash into one another or fall and have someone land on you which could end up in more than just tears.  Supervise children at all times when they are using a trampoline and keep it to one person at a time jumping.

Adults also need to take care when using a trampoline.  Even the most unfit of people like to try it out, but its good to remember that it only takes one bad landing to cause serious injury, especially to the head and neck.

Trampolines come with all kinds of metal parts, cover any areas such as springs with padding.  Use a safety net around the trampoline to make sure of a more controlled landing.  It’s also a good idea to place the trampoline on a sponge-like surface such as wood chips and keep it in a well-lit area.

While you don’t want to ruin anybody’s fun while using a trampoline, as the homeowner, you are responsible for the safety of those living with you and your visitors.  With this in mind, don’t allow anyone to misuse it in any way.