If you are currently considering buying a home, you will be well aware that it is one of the greatest expenses you can have.  While most buyers go into the process with a specific budget in mind, they may not have accounted for all the extra fees that go along with it.  This might make the home buyer look for ways to cut costs. There are some costs, though, that should not be cut.  One such cost is the home inspection.  Why is this so important?

Because, as we’ve already stated, buying a home is one of the biggest expenses you can have.  Imagine closing on a property and then later discovering that there are major problems with it, problems that will cost you thousands. The home inspection discovers these major issues before you decide to buy, protecting you from making a bad investment.

Perhaps you are not thinking of skipping the home inspection but are going to choose the cheapest quote. Again, this could be a bad decision. Not all home inspectors are the same and some will not be as thorough as they should be.  It’s important to choose an InterNACHI certified home inspector when making your choice.  This way, you can be assured you are getting a thorough and detailed home inspection. Although you may find the price is a little higher than other quotes, you can be confident that you are getting a skilled home inspector.  So, when choosing where to budget and where to spend the money, its good to be aware of how important the home inspection really is.