While we are very thorough with every area of a home during our inspections, there are some areas we inspect that require extra levels of caution.  An under the house crawlspace is one of those areas.  When we think about the type of space it is, the need to be extra careful down there seems obvious, after all, an under-house crawlspace is a dark and mostly undisturbed space.  This means that many hazards can be hiding down there, free of disturbance.  What kinds of dangers could you find when entering this type of area?

Among the first thoughts that would probably come to most people’s minds are: What types of creepy crawlies will I find down there?  This is a valid question.  A crawlspace can be home to all kinds of creatures and animals, some of which, could be poisonous or even dangerous if they are cornered and feel threatened.  You do not have much room to maneuver in a crawlspace which will also make the problem worse.

Mold or fungus is another issue you will probably find down there as conditions are usually just right for it to thrive.  Standing water and sewage are some other rather unpleasant and unhealthy hazards that are often found in a under house crawlspace.

What should you do if you suspect the home has some structural issues?  It may not be safe to enter a crawlspace if the home has structural issues and it would be best to call in a professional.  If there arises a real need for you to go down there, however, its extremely important to make sure there is someone who knows you are down there and that would be able to get help should you become trapped.   Finally, if you need to access a crawlspace, always wear the proper protective clothing and equipment required for a hazardous space such as this.  Be prepared for what you might encounter down there.