We are already deep into that time of year when we spend a lot more time in the home with family and friends.  Its logical to conclude, then, that the more time spent at home, the greater the risk of accidents within the home.  So here are a few simple safety reminders to keep in mind in the upcoming months:

We emphasize fire safety a lot and for good reason.  Fires within a home can start very easily.  With this in mind, never leave a candle unattended in a room and place it well away from flammable materials.  String lights need to be given a good check over (especially if they have been in storage) to make sure they show no signs of fraying wires and broken bulbs.

While beautiful and cozy on a cold day, a fireplace should be well maintained so that it does not become a potential hazard to the family.  Make sure the flue is open before using and remove any combustible items from around the fireplace.

Go around the house and check that all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in good working order and do not require batteries.

Although this is something every responsible parent does all of the time, keeping a constant watch on small children is especially important.  As well as the need to stay away from the fire place, there are other dangers associated with winter in the home.  For example, were you aware that poinsettias, a much used plant this time of year, are poisonous?  Make sure that they are out of reach of children and even pets.

Our homes should be a place to relax and enjoy but they are also places where accident and injury could easily happen.  While these reminders are very basic, its good to think about them once in a while