Selling your property means a lot of preparation, especially if you are looking to get the right price.  You will, no doubt, want to prepare the home to sell by doing small repair jobs and yard work to give it more curb appeal.  There is another key to successfully selling your home and that’s the home buyers inspection, how can you assist the home inspector so that they are able to perform a thorough job?


Some things you can do:


  • This is a very simple thing, but were you aware that light bulbs that need replacing and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that require new batteries can, actually, change the home inspectors report?  Have a check through the house, before the inspection, to make sure these are all working well.


  • Did you know that pets can cause the home inspector to be unable to perform a thorough inspection?  Its best, on the day of inspection, that these precious members of the household are kept away from the home or in a secure area.


  • Are all areas that the home inspector will need access to, clear of clutter etc.? The home inspector will need to check the attic space and basement, which are very often areas where there are more items stored.  Make sure the inspector will have easy access to all areas and that there are no locked doors.


  • If you have trees and foliage close to the house, it would be a good idea to have this trimmed back before the inspection.  Also, any repair jobs that you need to do should be done before the inspector comes.  In this way, the inspector can do a thorough job which will be reflected in the report.


As you can see, by doing all you can to make sure the home inspection is thorough and efficient, you will not only be helping the home inspector but yourself also.  These simple tips will do a lot to help with the process.