Trees are a stunning part of our landscape and many homeowners enjoy having them on their property. But, what if trees are too close to a home, can they become a problem? Let’s look at some of the possible issues that could arise from trees located too close to a home.

If a tree is old or has been damaged, it can become a possible hazard. Falling tree limbs and branches can cause damage to the home, they can fall on power and communication lines and even be a danger to human life.

Damage to foundations. Tree roots are known to damage foundations in a few ways. If the roots are big enough to spread under a house, they can cause the foundation to lift. If the foundation already has cracks in it, tree roots can make their way in.

Another problem that may not immediately spring to mind is that if trees are located too close to a property, it can be a fire risk. Also, it will be easier for small animals like rodents or insects to access the home.

Leaves and branches that fall from trees can accumulate in gutters causing blockages. A buildup of water or even ice from these blockages can cause water to start entering the home.

If you have a tree close to your property, how can you ensure it does not become a hazard? Do not start to remove the trees roots as this will cause the tree to be less sturdy and secure and much more likely to fall. Once in a while, have a check over of the tree to determine what condition it’s in, you could even use some binoculars to have a closer look at the top of it. If you see that the tree is in a great state of decay or is dead, the best thing to do is remove it as this poses a great danger to the home.